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Growth dynamics of tall wheatgrass pastures depending on the time of nitrogen fertilization

In the Buenos Aires’s Depressed Pampas, tall wheatgrass Thinopyrum ponticum..

A method to determine the volume of a sample of rice grains by digital image processing

This paper presents a method to determine the volume of a sample of rice kernels..

Molluscicide baits and liquid molluscicides to control Deroceras reticulatum (Pulmonata: Stylomatophora), a plague for seed rape crops

Oil seed rape (Brassica napus) under No Tillage (NT) represents an alternative in the current crop rotation

Milk’s coagulation. Development of a device for online “monitoring” of the process. Progress made in Argentina

The enzymatic coagulation of the milk is a fundamental phase in the elaboration of cheese.

Study and evolution of the quality of raw milk from dairy farms in the northwest of the province of Santa Fe and south of the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina (1993 – 2009)

Physicochemical, microbiological and sanitary parameters were analyzed to determine the mean values that characterize the zone.