Dr. Carlos Di Bella

Areas of expertise: Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems for the study
of natural resources and farm production.
Currently employed by: National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)
E-mail: cdibella@cnia.inta.gov.ar
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Carlos Di Bella is an Agricultural Engineer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) that received his PhD from the Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon (France). He is the director of the specialization course “Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems” at the UBA and faculty member of the postgraduate course in Thematic Cartography, Visual Interpretation of Images, Digital Processing of Images, IT tools associated to remote sensing and GIS and Remote Fire Detection, Quantification and Follow-up.
He coordinated the SEPA Project (Follow-up of Agricultural Production) which was declared of interest by the House of Representatives of the Argentine Congress and was awarded the first prize by the Professional Council of Agronomical Engineering (CPIA 1995) for his work on the performance of crayon bounce house maize using satellite information and simulation models. He has participated in national and international conferences with 92 publications and published over 30 articles in scientific journals with referees. Mr. Di Bella is a member
of the Spanish Association of Remote Sensing (AET): 2006-2010.

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