Dr. Eduardo Baroni

Areas of expertise: Animal medicine (Pharmacology-Toxicology)
Currently employed by: School of Veterinary Sciences of the National University of
Littoral (UNL)
E-mail: baroni@unl.edu.ar
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Eduardo Baroni is a Veterinary Physician graduated from the National University of Littoral (UNL) in 1980. He received his MSc in Animal Health from the Austral University of Chile in 1997 and his PhD from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) in 2004. He is a Full Professor (ad interim) of the Department of Preclinical Medicine with Pharmacology orientation and of the Department of Clinical Medicine with Toxicology and Pharmacotherapy orientation as well as the Executive Director of the Animal Health Hospital of the School of Veterinary Sciences of Esperanza (UNL).
He is also Director of the Reconquista-Avellaneda University Center and member of the Advisory Council of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) representing the Schools of Veterinary Sciences of National Universities. He chaired the National Council of Deans of Schools of Veterinary Sciences of the Mercosur (AFECV-MERCOSUR) and was executive secretary of the Pan American Federation of Schools
of Veterinary Medicine (Mexico). He has authored three books, 65 posters and oral communications and has lectured at 22 national and international meetings. He is a Full Member of the Argentine Toxicological Association since 1998 and of the Argentine Association of Veterinary Pharmacology since 1999.

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