Dr. Emilio Horacio Satorre

Areas of expertise: Grain production systems; Ecology of crops and weeds
Currently employed by: School of Agronomical Sciences of the University of Buenos
Aires (UBA)
E-mail: satorre@agro.uba.ar
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Emilio Satorre is an Agricultural Engineer graduated from the School of Agronomical Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (1980) and received his PhD from the University of Reading (UK) in 1988. He is a Full Professor of the Chair of Grain Cultivation at the School of Agronomical Sciences of the UBA, Faculty member of the School of Graduates of the UBA and Guest Professor of the School for Graduates of the National University of La Plata and the National University of Mar del Plata.
Since 1990 he is the Academic Coordinator of the Research and Development Unit of AACREA. He coordinated and coordinates national technology transfer research and development projects in the areas of agricultural production and decision-making.
Mr. Satorre is director and consultant to technological development projects for several companies in the sector and an independent researcher at the CONICET.
He has published over 180 scientific papers in journals and lectured at national and international conferences. He has authored 11 chapters of international books and edited two books with foreign publishers and 3 with Argentine publishers. He has received awards and recognition for his scientific and professional work. The National Academyof Agronomical and Veterinary Sciences recently awarded him the “2008 Bolsa de Cereales Award” for his contribution to the agricultural development of our country.

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