Writing Guidelines

Submission of research papers

1- Submission of a manuscript to a journal implies that the material was not submitted for consideration by another publisher. Manuscripts shall be exclusive to the publication to which they are submitted until they are published or rejected by the evaluators.
2- Submission of papers to this journal implies that all authors accept the terms and conditions listed in the digital version of the publication.
3- Papers should be concise and written in Spanish, Portuguese or English and not exceed 20 thousand characters not including spaces (letters not more than 13 thousand). Very long paragraphs should be avoided.
4- Abbreviations, symbols and acronyms should be defined between brackets the first time they are used.
5- Abbreviations, acronyms and symbols for units of measure and chemical elements should not be followed by a dot.
6- Scientific names (genus and species) of plants and animals should be written in italics (e.g.: Sawadaea bicornis) and lower case except the first letter of the genus.
Names of cultivars should be written between inverted commas unless preceded by the abbreviation cv (e.g. Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. cv. Rossol or Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. “Rossol”).
7- Tables and figures should not be included in the text but forwarded as a separate file (please see “Guidelines for Visual Elements”) in English and Spanish.
8- Research papers should be sent by e-mail to:
9- All papers shall be submitted to an anonymous arbitration process conducted by a minimum of two experts in the discipline who may accept, request modifications or reject them.
10- Papers should be submitted on numbered pages with numbered lines.

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